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Koncep USA Inc. is the subsidiary company of Liaoning Koncepnutra Co.,Ltd. , which is the leading professional manufacturer of L-Carnitine series products in China. L-Carnitine base and its derivatives; the production capacity is about 1000 tons annually. 

Koncep is a premier distributor for full line of L-Carnitine products and sourcing hundreds ingredients for its in-stock program, with facilities in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Our manufacturer located in Shenyang ,China, allowing us to deliver both distinctive products and professional service at the most competitive price.
Our strong sourcing ability and solid manufacturer relationships have give us the advantage to secure essential products in many categories such as:





Amino Acids  





Sport Nutrition 

    Our goal is to bring the highest quality products to Nutrition, Food & Beverage industries, provide up-to-date market information and insights on the latest pricing trends in order to help you manage the ever changing requirements of the marketplace.  

With our warehouse over 20,000sf from both east and west coast, 4 sales offices across North America, and over 400 ingredients in stock, you can consistently count on us for prompt delivery and innovative solutions , supported by excellent customer service and quality control.  

Discover more about how we can help build your business and make sure to review our product list and contact for all your questions.  We provide premium quality products, sincerity and prompt service as our aim to serve clients U.S. and others countries of worldwide.

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